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Back-to-Back Solutions


Back to Back solutions are the appropriate solution when the working demands and range requirement of a user fall within a reasonably limited scope, often with a relatively small number of users.


Typical users would include:


Garden Centres

Small individual retail outlets

Certain leisure and sporting events


Base Station Solutions (Single Site and I.P Site Connect)


Base Station solutions offer increased range, power and functionality over back-to-back systems.


They provide a solution when the number of users, information sensitivity issues or terrain and range requirements exceed the capabilities of back to back solutions.


This solution has huge scope to be customised to meet the required functionality levels required. The potential for increased functionality is commonly utilised by our clients to provide features such as:


Private, Individual and Group Calls

Lone Worker Facility

Text messaging

Status messaging


Trunking Solutions (Motorola Capacity Plus & Linked Capacity Plus)


Key features of trunking-


Call Management

Calls can be made to individuals, designated groups or broadcast calls to all users. All users are connected utilising minimum system resource.

Priority Calling

Users can be given priority access to channels for more significant or urgent communications.

User Validation

Individual and group access can be restricted to control communication.

Interaction with PSTN, PABX and other networks

Enables radio to phone, phone to radio communication


Trunking provides the user with multiple benefits currently unique to the system. Primarily trunking provides access to a pool of channels and intelligently designates a channel for an individual or group.


  • Once this private call is completed the channel is placed back in the pool
  • This increases the availability of airtime for all users.
  • In addition to this enhanced efficiency, trunking provides greater functionality.
  • The digital control system allows greater administrative control over calls, an increased geographical range and interaction between other networks.
  • Trunking provides a cost effective system to meet your communication needs.